Multi-angle spectrophotometer MS3005

    3nh Multi-angle spectrophotometer MS3005 is used to measure the color diffe


    3nh Multi-angle spectrophotometer MS3005 is used to measure the color difference for the surface paint which is affected by different viewing angles and viewing conditions. It can provide accurate and consistent color measurement for metalllics, pearlescents and other complex special effect finished products.

    MS3005 multi-angle spectrophotometer adopts industrial-grade MCU and is equipped with 5 measuring angles, under the superior performance of the optical measurement system supported by MS3005 multi-angle spectrophotometer has excellent performance in multi-angle chromatic aberration measurement, even in the curved surface, but also has a high measurement accuracy and stability.

    Technical characteristics

1. Multi-angle measurement

    Adopt 5 illumination sources, 1 receivers to measure 5 measurement angles at the same time

2. More intuitive display

    Touch screen can display all Angle measurement results, more intuitive view of the comprehensive data.

3. 256 Image Element Double Array CMOS Image Sensor

    The higher optical resolution ensures the measuring speed, accuracy, stability and consistency of the instrument. The core technology makes it as the same platform with international standards and complete compatibility.

4. Adopt Full spectrum LED light source with blue enhancement

    The Full spectrum LED light source with blue enhancement ensures sufficient spectral distribution in the visible light range, avoids the spectral loss of LED in a specific band, and ensures the accuracy of instrument measurement results and low cost maintenance.

5. Concave grating spectrophotometric technology

    Using concave grating spectrophotometric technology, with higher resolution, makes  color measurement more accurate.

6. Professional-grade white board

    Professional-grade white board, high hardness in the surface, stable optical performance


7. Higher quality

    Industrial grade real-time processing MCU,Bluetooth 5.0 transferring more stable and reliable.

8. Ergonomics Novel and fashionable appearance design

    The instrument appearance design is easy to operate, and the hand holding position and the measurement button are well-designed, which can meet different holding habits, smooth and fine surface, from the high-precision appearance treatment process.

9. Color camera preview, can clearly observe the measured area

    Built-in color camera positioning, can accurately judge the object measured position, and improve the measurement efficiency and accuracy.

10. Multiple color measurement space, multiple observation light sources

    Offer CIE LAB,XYZ,Yxy,LCh,β XY,DIN Lab99 color space, And D65, A, C, D50, D55, D75, F1, F2 (CWF), F3, F4 and F5, F6 and F7 (DLF), F8, F9, F10 (TPL5), and F11 (TL84), F12 (TL83/U30) A variety of light source, which can meet the special measurement demand under different measurement conditions.


11. Easily analyze data

    The screen can intuitively display spectrum/data, sample chromaticity value, color difference value/figure, pass/fail results, color simulation, sample effect value, effect difference value and other data, convenient to view while also greatly improve the user's work efficiency.

Technical parameters

                Model                MS3005
                Measurement Geometry                5 measurement angles (5 illumination sources, 1 receivers)
                Measure Angle                45° Receiver:
Conform to the standards:ASTM D 2244,E 308,E 1164,E 2194, E2539,DIN 5033,5036,6174,6175-1,6175-2;ISO 7724, 11664-4 SAE J 1545
                Application                Provide accurate and consistent color measurement for metallic, pearlescent and other complex special effect color products
                Light Source                Full spectrum LED light source with blue enhancement
                Lamp Life                5 years, 3 million times measurements
                Spectrophotometric Mode                Concave Grating
                Sensor                256 Image Element Double Array CMOS Image Sensor
                Wavelength Range                400nm-700nm
                Wavelength Interval                10nm
                Measurement Range                0~600%
                Semiband Width                10nm
                Measuring Aperture                Φ12mm
                Color Space                CIE LAB,XYZ,Yxy,LCh,βxy,DIN Lab99
                Color Difference Formula                ΔE*ab,ΔE*94,ΔE*cmc(2:1),ΔE*cmc(1:1),ΔE*00, DINΔE99,ΔE DIN6175
                Other Colorimetric Index                Flop Index
                Observer Angle                2°/10°
                Illuminant                D65,A,C,D50,D55,D75,F1,F2(CWF),F3,F4,F5,F6,F7(DLF),F8,F9,F10(TPL5),F11(TL84),F12(TL83/U30)
                Display                Spectrogram/Values, Samples Chromaticity Values, Color Difference Values/Graph, PASS/FAIL Result, Color Offset
                Measuring Time                Approx. 1 second for one angle
Approx. 5 seconds for all angles
                Repeatability                Spectral reflectance:  Standard deviation within 0.08%
Chromaticity value:  ΔE*ab 0.03 ( When a white calibration plate is measured 30 times at 5 second intervals after white calibration)
                Reproducibility                ΔE*<0.10,avg on the gray tile of BCRA tile set
ΔE*<0.25,avg on the color BCRA tile set
                Inter-instrument Error                0.2ΔE*00(avg on reference Series II BCRA tile set)
                Effect Parameters                /
                Effect Measurement                /
                Effect Repeatability                /
                Effect Reproducibility                /
                Trigger mode                Pressure sensing trigger, button trigger, software trigger
                Measuring Mode                Single measurement, average measurement (1-99), continuous measurement (1-99)
                Locating Mode                Color camera preview
                Dimension                L*W*H=195X83X128mm
                Weight                About 1Kg
                Power                lithium-ion battery, 3.7V,3200mAh, Continuous test 6000 times within 8 hours of full charge
                Display                3.5-inch TFT color LCD, Capacitive Touch Screen
                Interface                USB, Bluetooth 5.0
                Data Storage                1000 pcs Standards,4000 pcs Samples
                Language                Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English
                Operating Environment                10℃ to 50℃, humidity does not exceed 85%, no condensation
                Storage Environment                -20℃ to 50℃, humidity does not exceed 85%, no condensation
                Calibration                Built-in white board parameters, external white board, black light trap
                Calibration Interval                4 hours,8 hours,24 hours,Startup calibration
                Standard accessories                Power Adapter, USB Cable, User Guide,PC Software(download from the official website), Calibration Board, black light trap,Protective cap, wristband
                Optional Accessory                Micro-printer
                Notes                Technical parameters are for reference only, subject to actual sales products.

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